Clare Kinnear

Clare Kinnear

Riding the Wave of Innovation: CmdCentr’s Exciting Adventure at IAAPA Orlando November 2023

Last week, the CmdCentr team, featuring, Matt, Owen and Clare, had an exhilarating experience at IAAPA Orlando. This global event, attended by 36,173 professionals from over 122 countries, provided a vibrant platform to showcase our cutting-edge Training, Ride and Management Apps . Our journey was filled with innovative encounters, unforgettable theme park experiences, and insightful interactions.

CmdCentr’s Showcase at IAAPA: Our stand became a hub for international attendees, as we introduced a diverse audience to the capabilities of our Ride App. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with customers from around the world, sharing insights on how our app enhances theme park operations, safety, and guest experiences.

Behind the Scenes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Fantasmic: One of the trip’s highlights was an exclusive tour of Fantasmic at Disney Hollywood Studios. This behind-the-scenes glimpse gave us a deeper appreciation of the meticulous planning and technological innovation that goes into creating magical theme park experiences.

Exclusive IAAPA Celebrates Event at SeaWorld: We also had the pleasure of attending the Exclusive IAAPA Celebrates event at SeaWorld. With no queues and fast rides, we experienced the park’s attractions in a unique way. The performances, food, and wine, along with engaging conversations with our clients, made the evening truly memorable.

A Thrilling Experience on Pipeline at SeaWorld: Our visit to SeaWorld’s ‘Pipeline: The Surf Coaster’ was a major highlight. As the world’s first standing coaster of its kind, Pipeline offers a unique experience, reaching heights of 110 feet and speeds of 60 mph. This innovative ride, like our own technological solutions, showcased the endless possibilities in theme park entertainment.

 Global Connections and Gratitude: With 36,173 attendees from over 122 countries, the IAAPA Orlando event was a melting pot of cultures and ideas. We extend our deepest thanks to everyone who visited our stand. Your global perspectives enrich our understanding and approach to theme park industry.

Conclusion: Reflecting on a week filled with innovation, global connections, and community spirit, we’re more motivated than ever to continue our journey in transforming theme park operations. We eagerly anticipate expanding our reach and welcoming new parks into the CmdCentr family.

Thank you for being part of our global adventure at IAAPA Orlando!