Instant oversight, immediate opportunities

Don’t spend huge amounts of capital on new rides, extra carriages or additional staff until you’ve asked the right questions of your rides. Read Andreas story to discover how CmdCentr can give you the answers to some of your biggest operational headaches.

Meet Andreas

Andreas is the Operations Director of a theme park. His park has made the switch to CmdCentr from paper-based recording and operations management because he wants to see where he can improve the park without spending huge amounts of capital.

Ask the right questions

Andreas has a ride in his park that is always popular with guests, but he thinks it’s a slow-loading ride  and with two people per-carriage and only 12 carriages, queue times have been creeping up and up. This has been leaving ride operators overwhelmed and guests unhappy.

He’s under pressure from senior management to reduce the queue times, but the park doesn’t have the budget to rota additional staff to help load and unload passengers any quicker.

Within the first week of using CmdCentr, Andreas has been able to compare all the data from this ride. He can clearly see the number of times the ride is dispatched every hour, every day, the number of riders every hour and what capacity the ride is running at.

Reveal the right answers

Within two weeks, Andreas can see that the problem is not with his staff or with slow loading or unloading. The problem is that the ride runs at 75% capacity almost every time it’s dispatched. Additional carriages won’t solve the large queue times either. So with the data to back him up, Andreas suggests implementing a single rider queue for guests who don’t mind sitting next to a stranger and get the ride filled every time it departs.

Within a month, Andreas queue times have gone down significantly and his ride runs at 100% capacity every single time it departs. No additional staff or carriages required. Just a change to the queueing system which makes his guests and his senior managers happy.

CmdCentr Theme Park Operations Downtime Dashboard

“We've changed the way we operate some of our rides. What we've seen on the software is where we've had a throughput which is a little bit less, changing our procedure to suit that ride has seen a massive increase in our throughput with queue times being a lot less than they were - about 50%.”

Jordan- Paultons Park

CmdCentr theme park training app

Staff training & data

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Planning Data

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What stories could you re-write with your data?


See ride throughput, carriage occupancy and queue times instantly – and make changes on the spot.


Use your data to coach staff every day and improve your park’s performance in the here-and-now.


What if you didn’t need more carriages, you just needed a better queueing system?


Save time with slick, digitised operations & records that could reduce ride downtime by 90%.


Your rides won’t open unless a qualified person logs in. You can’t re-open a ride after maintenance until a supervisor hits the button.

Instant oversight

Don’t wait until the end of the day to see what’s working and what’s not. Manage the ups and downs of every day with ease.

Historical data & audit

Retrieve records with a couple of clicks so you can see visitor trends, operational analysis and data for auditing.

Cost Savings

Do you really need that extra staff member? Free up your existing staff members’ time and see your park flourish.