Keep your safety on-track

Make safety the easiest part of your park operations.

CmdCentr provides easy setup and oversight of critical aspects of safety within your operation. Ease of use ensures that staff are operating safely, without the need for more barriers.

Making safety simple

No one can operate a ride until they’re trained on it

Immediate ride feedback to maintenance teams

Spot overcrowded park areas and under-resourced rides

React quickly with historical data that can be retrieved in minutes, on any device

Encourage great behaviour

Share best practice easily and up-skill quickly

Audit ride operators frequently and simply

Respond to problems instantly, wherever you are in the park

With one eye on the data, pre-empt issues before they occur


"CmdCentr has meant that safety is no longer a cumbersome aspect of our operations. The checks are built into the processes, so we know they're being done. Seeing their progress live, as well as looking back to see exactly what happened and when has helped so much towards safety."

– Chris, Rides Supervisor