Scream if you want to go faster

We know that it’s not just the rides which are going at full throttle in your park. The fast-paced nature of operations, and the speed at which your staff need to work and to react, requires a system that is just as quick and agile.

That’s why we’ve put so much time and energy into making our software as intuitive as possible.

Data at your fingertips

Your team, from ride hosts to directors, have instant access to dashboard updates which identify day-to-day park problems quickly.

By empowering your staff to recognise and resolve issues in real time, you’re not only keeping them up-to-speed but allowing them to be innovative when it comes to dealing with the challenging ups and downs of the working day.

And because we’ve worked hard to ensure that our software is as simple and user-friendly as possible, you can rest assured that you’re making the ride a whole lot smoother for your staff.

And it’s not just us that thinks so.

"The best thing about my day is using CmdCentr.”

Ride Operator at Thorpe Park Resort

The whole package.

With our passion for both the details and the big picture we’re the best in the business when it comes to a complete and comprehensive system that syncs perfectly with those you already have in place.

How we can help ...

Digitising your park operations

Maximise your performance and profit by ditching the reams of paper and digitising your training and ride operation processes.

Training and competency

Digitise your training and take it ride-side to make the process speedier and safer than ever before, leaving your staff free to focus on turning up the fun factor.  

Morning checks and opening

Let our ride operations app do the legwork and free up staff to make mornings more magical for your guests – no extra caffeine required.

Daily operations

With a birds eye view of crucial data you can manage the ups and downs of the working day without the fear factor.

CmdCentr Theme Park Operations Downtime Dashboard

End of day

As your guests leave, happy but tired, it’s time to review the performance of your rides and staff.  Using CmdCentr reduces ride downtime by 95% so you can punch out knowing your park is running at its best.

“Our ride managers are identifying operational areas of improvement which can be seen and resolved as they happen. It’s made our operations much more effective, reducing our operational ride downtime and given our managers more time to spend with their teams to coach and train staff”

– Sam Barnes, Senior Rides Manager at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort UK