Instant oversight

Be a smoothoperator

Instant operations oversight that makes running your park a doddle.

CmdCentr provides the right information to the people who need it. Gain the benefit of instant oversight of your rides and teams, with targeted dashboards and notifications.

Solve park problems in an instant

See which rides have creeping queue times

Find your staff at the touch of a button

Allocate help & assistance to rides instantly

Watch ride throughput on-the-go

Find trained ride operators rapidly

Respond to assistance requests immediately

See the bigger picture wherever you are in the park

View ride insights on any device – tablet, mobile phone, desktop

Oversee staff in an instant

Collaborate and share insights on the spot

Send help and assistance to rides from anywhere

Audit staff at their rides

"Getting live, automated data means that if a ride isn’t performing, then we can resolve it there and then. Previously we wouldn’t have had access to that information until the end of the day, when it’s too late."

– Dan Whybrow, Head of Rides & Compliance at Thorpe Park