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Open and close rides, redeploy staff and notify maintenance teams within minutes. Read Stella’s story to see how a birds eye view of your park with CmdCentr makes painfully long processes simple; with just a few clicks.

Meet Stella

Stella is a busy operations manager of a large theme park. Her park has recently switched to CmdCentr from paper-based recording and operations management.

React Immediately

Stella has just been notified on her tablet via the CmdCentr App that a ride has stopped operating. She gets a push notification from her manager app that tells her what’s happened; the ride has stopped working.

CmdCentr Theme Park Operations Downtime Dashboard

Engineer oversight

The ride closure has automatically updated the engineering and maintenance team’s live feed dashboard for all the park’s rides and has sent a push notification direct to their mobiles. Knowing that they can see it’s stopped working too, Stella heads straight to the ride.

CmdCentr Theme Park Operations Downtime Dashboard

Guest Visibility

As she walks to the ride, Stella can see that the wait time screens have automatically updated to show that the ride is closed. That’s because Stella’s park LED wait time signs at rides and large screens at key locations, are updated automatically by CmdCentr. The same has happened in the park’s guest App. With guests being proactively informed, Stella is having to deal with less guest queries while walking around the park.

CmdCentr Theme Park Operations Downtime Dashboard

Take action

When Stella and the maintenance team arrive, the operators have begun actioning the checklists which have been triggered by the downtime. Stella’s able to review these before ultimately signing for the final ops check to declare that the ride is safe to reopen. As the engineer conducts her checks, she records them on the CmdCentr ride App against a separate engineers check group, triggered by the ride closure.

CmdCentr Theme Park Operations Downtime Dashboard

Redeploy Staff

It’s clear that the ride won’t be a quick fix. Stella now needs to redeploy her ride operator to stop other rides becoming overwhelmed with guests because of the ride closure. She opens the CmdCentr Manager App on her tablet to see which rides the operators are trained on and re-deploys them to a ride close by – thanks to the Manager App she knows which rides are most impacted by major attractions being closed.

CmdCentr Theme Park Operations Downtime Dashboard

Stella’s arrival at the ride, call to maintenance, closure and re-deployment of her ride operators has taken just four minutes and saved a lot of stress.

“We now can react immediately to the data that we're given straight from CmdCentr. With paper, we were waiting a week to try and get this data back and then action it. We can resolve any issues on the day, rather than waiting a week when you can't do anything about it.”

Lawrence – Paultons Park

CmdCentr theme park training app

Ride Metrics and data

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CmdCentr theme park training app

Staff training & data

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CmdCentr theme park training app

Planning Data

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Save time with slick, digitised operations & records that could reduce ride downtime by 90%.


Your rides won’t open unless a qualified person logs in. You can’t re-open a ride after maintenance until a supervisor hits the button.

Instant oversight

Don’t wait until the end of the day to see what’s working and what’s not. Manage the ups and downs of every day with ease.

Historical data & audit

Retrieve records with a couple of clicks so you can see visitor trends, operational analysis and data for auditing.

Cost Savings

Do you really need that extra staff member? Free up your existing staff members’ time and see your park flourish.