CmdCentr features

Built specifically for park operations teams, see how CmdCentr’s extensive feature set can help take your park’s operation to the next level.

App features

Operational checks

Powerful checks management enables full control over what checks need to be completed, when they need to be done and who they need to be done by.

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Instant management overview

Forget walking around to each ride to view the paper logs – Team leads and managers can instantly view all that’s happened at a ride today from anywhere in the park.

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Views for everyone

Providing timely, accurate data is essential to the smooth running of your park. CmdCentr’s variety of apps, dashboards and reports ensures that there’s a view onto park data for every team member who needs it.

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Management Dashboard

Charts, KPIs and key data presentation allows managers to see today’s performance on easy to understand dashboards

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Easy access to documentation from our ride app means ride manuals and guides are always readily available exactly where they are needed.

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System features

Custom Reports

Want your data sliced in your own way? We can create custom reports just how you want them.

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Use our API to pull important metrics into your own data lake and BI tools

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Flexible device choice

CmdCentr apps are built so that they can be deployed to a variety of devices, enabling you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate hardware for your needs.

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We’ve built resilience into all aspects of our software to make sure your operations arent impacted

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"CmdCentr feels like you've come to the park, looked at what we do and then built it around that. That's how specific it is."

– Amy, Park Operations Supervisor

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