Training App

Generate knowledge, not paperwork

Designed for on-park training, CmdCentr makes it easy to deliver training to staff with rich media content; all signed and synced in seconds.

Deliver your training through our dedicated park Training App and sign off as soon as it’s been completed. More time spent on the ground delivering training means no paperwork, no time-wasting and no classroom-based training (if that’s your thing).

Better still, no one can log into, and operate, a ride that they haven’t been trained on. So it’ll keep your park safer too. Managers also get instant access to training records so it’s easy to re-allocate staff, quickly, where they’re needed.

Best bits


Sign off training as you go

Paper free training logs

No training, no ride operation feature

See gaps in training provision instantly

Free managers from time-consuming paperwork

Training completion notifications

What’s the CmdCentr Training app good for?

Safety in ride operations

Food & beverage operations

Reducing time-consuming paper trail