Ride App

Gather data while making ride operators’ jobs easier

What if you could get more rides out of your existing attractions? CmdCentr’s Ride App feeds constant data into your wider team. See at-a-glance which rides are going slow, where queue times are creeping up and where to re-distribute staff to combat problems quickly.

Meet the CmdCentr Ride Operator App

The CmdCentr ride operator app is designed to be installed at each ride where you want to manage your staff and ride operations.

Operator checks

Ensure procedures are enforced and audited. Customise checks to be carried out by team members throughout your operation, from pre-opening checks to downtime checks and end of day checks.

Staff logins

CmdCentr ensures only trained staff can sign in, with records of all training and logins stored securely. The ride app records staff signing in and out of rides, ensures essential staff are in attendance, records operational hours and alerts managers to staff who are approaching time limits.

Ride metrics

Capture essential metrics such as queue times, throughput, dispatches and ride capacity. An intuitive user interface, countdowns and reminders make it easy for operators to enter information themselves. People counting integrations allow the option to automate the capture of throughput, queue times and dispatches.

Best bits

Spot problems quickly

From large queue times to maintenance issues you can react to any issues

App is regularly updated by ride operators

Instant updates eradicate end of day paperwork and connects teams together

Makes the right thing to do the easy thing to do

Focus on ease of use compliments operator workflow, without imposing barriers to productivity

No paper-trail

Staff do everything via the App. No need for endless paper to input and store for years


 If staff aren’t trained on a ride, they can’t log into it or operate it. 

Get faster maintenance responses

Instant downtime notifications ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time

What’s the CmdCentr Ride app good for?

Ride operations & customer satisfaction

Reducing time-consuming paper trail

Improving response times