About CmdCentr

CmdCentr (pronounced Command Center) makes running your theme park a doddle. From staff training and ride operations to problem solving and instant data analysis – the suite of Apps in CmdCentr’s park management software gives you back valuable time and access to invaluable data.

Become an industry leader in park management

Increasing ride capacity, spotting park problems early, analysing visitor trends and improving park safety are just a few of the ways that you can use CmdCentr’s data to improve what you do in your park. And all of this means happier staff and happier customers.

CmdCentr was developed alongside Paultons Park to free them from old, paper-based operations and training logs that were eating into their time spent in the park. With no paperwork to deal with, their operations team were free to focus on guest experience.

And now it’s your turn. Find out how you can plan, predict and perfect your park operations with CmdCentr’s intuitive software and reveal your park’s potential.

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Richard Turner

Richard Turner

Owner & CTO

Matt Clarke

Matt Clarke

Owner & CEO

Clare Kinnear

Clare Kinnear

Business Development Manager

Owen Jones

Owen Jones

Product Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We commonly get asked the following questions about CmdCentr.

Is CmdCentr new?

CmdCentr is owned and created by First Option Software, custom software developers, that have been developing business critical systems since the early 1990’s.  

Proven since early 2020 in some of the UK’s biggest theme parks, CmdCentr has has delighted our customers at the positive improvements and efficiencies that it has brought to their parks.  See our Case Studies to see how its revolutionizing our customers’ parks. 

What sets CmdCentr apart?

CmdCentr was designed and developed from scratch to improve the efficiency and safety of ride operations.  Its not a bolt-on afterthought of another product being given away for free – it’s an optimised solution proven to deliver significant efficiency and ROI. 

Do you provide the hardware?

.To give you the most control, flexibility and value, we enable you to purchase and manage your own hardware so that you are in control and use your preferred suppliers.  Our apps are highly compatible and can support Android and iOS tablets, as well as web browsers.  

How do you charge for CmdCentr?

CmdCentr is provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis and we charge a setup fee and an annual subscription.  The setup fee covers the initial deployment, training and any configuration of your system.  The subscription is scaled according to the size of your park to make it affordable for all parks to benefit from CmdCentr.  We typically scale the fee based on the number of rides you operate.

Can you enhance CmdCentr to my needs?

CmdCentr is not like most off-the-shelf software. We believe in adapting to your processes, rather than you having to adapt to ours. As the developers of CmdCentr, we have full control to be able to enhance or customise it to meet your needs.

How long does it take to deploy CmdCentr?

As CmdCentr is predominantly Cloud based, deploying your CmdCentr instance is easy.  Once deployed we can ready your apps, guide you on configuration and provide you with the training that you’ll need to train your users. 

The preparations you will need to factor in will depend on your network choices, hardware availability and user training. 

This is all feasible within a week but will very much depend on your park’s individual circumstances.

Is it expensive? Will I get a return on my investment?

We know an operations system is critical to your day to day running of the business and therefore CmdCentr has to be a quality product to ensure it runs smoothly & reliably and delivers on what you need.  

We’ve priced CmdCentr to ensure that we can deliver a quality product and service to our customers. We don’t use sales tactics or gimmicks but we focus on delivering CmdCentr at a cost that provides you with the quality you expect and a return on investment, year after year

We expect customers to see a return on their investment counted in months rather than years.


What network connectivity do I need?

To get the best out of the app it requires a network connection to our servers.  This can be wired, wireless or cellular.  We know how connectivity can, at times, be unpredictable, so our software has the resilience to work offline if the network is temporarily down. We ensure any data is stored locally and synced when the network comes back up, ensuring you don’t lose any critical compliance data.  We also provide you with diagnostics and warnings to spot any network outages.


Can I try CmdCentr?

We are convinced you’ll see the benefit of CmdCentr once you give it a try and so we can arrange a limited trial of the software.  If you’d like to arrange a trial please get in touch.

Can you integrate CmdCentr with my other systems?

Absolutely!  Integrating systems together makes sense so we’d be very happy to work with you to integrate your other systems. We can receive data from other systems to feed into CmdCentr (such as HR info) or send data we’ve captured to your other systems (such as queue times into your park app).     

Is CmdCentr reliable?

CmdCentr has been designed from the outset to be resilient to unexpected failures at all levels.  Within your park, our apps are resilient to network outages and within our data centres we have multiple load balanced servers and databases to cater for every eventuality.  Diagnostic screens provide you with the means to spot any specific ride tablet/network issues.