Clare Kinnear

Clare Kinnear

CmdCentr Park Operations SoftwareDespite there being a wide range of systems available for retail, ticketing, HR and maintenance, no system existed for amusement park operations teams to manage ride operations, enforce processes and capture metrics. With most parks still operating on a paper-based system, CmdCentr brings efficiency and oversight through automation and workflow management across its suite of apps designed specifically for key members of the operations team.

For management, a web-based portal provides a simple and intuitive interface for senior staff members to configure their workflows, users and training programmes. Live dashboards provide instant oversight of the key metrics captured throughout the day, from queue time and throughput to closures and spot checks, everything’s captured and stored for live review and historic audit.

CmdCentr Theme Park Monitoring App with Alerts

For supervisors and team leaders, a dedicated ride monitoring app provides ride and operator oversight with performance notifications and direct communication with ride operators.

For operators and attendants, an easy-to-use app helps them capture key metrics without distracting them from their responsibilities to visitor safety and experience. From opening checks and logins, to queue times and throughput, the ride app communicates instantly with CmdCentr’s central database to provide live access to essential data and metrics for the teams that need it.

Experienced in building business critical systems for a wide variety of clients, First Option Software’s aim is to improve operations efficiency, eliminate the risks that arise from paper-based manual records and bring new instant insights  from integrating new metrics and disconnected systems together.  Operations managers will be delighted at how CmdCentr gives them all they need to streamline their daily operations and mitigate the litany of risks they have to cope with on a daily basis.

Matt Clarke, Director of First Option Software says “With our skills in streamlining business processes, we’ve proven at Paultons Park that we can deliver a measurable difference to their daily operations and now we’re excited to see how we can do the same for other parks around the world.”

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